Say What?

by Brigette Howard
Who would you cast in a movie to play yourself? Would it be someone who looks like you or acts like you? Or would it be someone who sounds like you?
Who Should Play You in a Movie?

Rachael Ray, Julianna Margulies, and Janeane Garofalo are all well-know women whom I have been told I resemble. It’s interesting to learn which aspects of my personality people associate with me. I don’t think I physically look like any of these exceptional women, other than having dark hair and brown eyes, so what is it that would make someone think of me while watching Rachael Ray whip up a thirty-minute meal, see Julianna save lives on ER, or crack up to Janeane’s stand-up comedy? I love to cook. I love to laugh. I have curly dark hair and a slightly weird sense of humor. These character traits would be important for someone portraying me in my life story, but who do I sound like?

One thing I never considered is voice. Recently, Maureen and I had the pleasure of listening to voice auditions for someone to represent Francie in the audio version of our book, Deviled!. After listening to four auditions, it was very clear who we both would select to read for Francie. We have never heard Francie’s voice or seen her other than in our imaginations, so how did we both know exactly which actress “sounded” like her? It seems that voice is just as important as physical appearance in a person’s character.

Realizing the connection between how someone sounds and their personality has been quite eye-opening. It’s like the show, The Voice, where singers are judged on their voices without being seen. Try it out! The next time someone tells you you look like someone famous, say, “Thank you, but who do you think I sound like?” I bet they won’t have any idea.

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