Adventure, Mystery, and Perfect Characters

Are you a fan of cozy mysteries? Do you love the Lake Erie area or island life in general? If so, The Lake Erie Mysteries series is tailor-made for you.

The novels follow the adventures of best friends Francie and June as they try to mix business with pleasure in beautiful vacation locations. The results are nothing short of hilarious. Kind of what you’d expect would happen if Two Broke Girls went to a business meeting and a murder occurred. Of course they would accidentally find the body and not even know it. Of course one of them would be framed for the murder. Of course things would keep going from bad to worse and they wouldn’t know why. And of course it would be just as funny as it was scary along the way.
If these girls aren’t you, they are girls you know. Close as sisters. Funny, loyal, smart. Accident-prone, unlucky and lucky at the same time. The life of the party and the girls you shake your heads at. Perfectly written, perfectly captured on the page. You won’t want the book to end because you don’t want to say goodbye to them.
Here is what one dear reader says. “The plot is well conceived and moves very fast. I read this in one sitting. Heck, I read this in one afternoon. I hadn’t read book one first, and I didn’t need to. This book stands on its own just fine. But I will be going back to read it because I found these authors’ voices/work so engaging. I’ll definitely be looking for their other works.”